Canungra Sports & Recreation Reserve

Check-In Time 11:00 AM | Check-Out Time 10:00 AM





1. ARRIVAL: Report immediately to Caretaker. We reserve the right to deny entry at our sole discretion and without need to provide a reason. During your stay, comply with all instructions given by Caretaker.

2. FEES: Must be paid in advance, prior to establishing for your stay.                    

3. MAXIMUM STAY PERIOD: 14 Days for all campers and caravanners, then you must vacate the grounds for a minimum of 14 Days.                                                                                                            

4. CARE & RISK: Entry is entirely at your own risk. Parents and Guardians are responsible for the safety of children in their care. Ensure all valuables are secured at all times. Park or camp under trees at your risk. NOTE: Canungra Sports & Recreation Reserve Grounds Incorporated do not provide security patrols or lifeguard patrols of any kind. Police conduct occasional, unscheduled patrols. 6. FLORA & FAUNA: Native Flora and Fauna are protected. Don’t hurt them.

5. PETS: All pets to be identified to the Caretaker upon arrival. The pets’ admittance and continued stay is at the sole discretion of the Caretaker. No pets allowed into the Amenities blocks or other buildings. All dogs shall be on leads at all times, droppings to be placed in rubbish bins. Owners are liable for their pets, and responsible for their safety and well-being.

6. NOISE: The peaceful enjoyment of the Grounds and facilities are important to us and our guests. Please assist by being considerate to your fellow guests, and also respect our neighbouring properties. Restrict noise from all devices & social gatherings after 9.00pm and before 7.00am.

7. GENERATORS: Generators are permitted to be operated between 7.00am & 10.00am and 4.00pm & 7.00pm in designated areas. Ask the Caretaker for details.

8. RESTRICTIONS: Noisy, offensive, violent or unruly behavior, damage to property, illegal activities, improper or unseemly conduct or any act will not be tolerated and may result in eviction and/or prosecution.

9. WEAPONS & DRUGS: All firearms and other weapons are prohibited from the Grounds. Illicit drugs or mis-use of legal drugs is prohibited. Please report any incidents causing injury, unruly behavior and items that may need repair or replacement, to the Caretaker.

10. VEHICLES: Must be currently Registered and Insured. Driven by a Licensed Driver only. Driving on grassed areas to be kept to a minimum. 4WD’s must not be driven anywhere but designated roads and not on any banks, vegetated areas, or in/near the Canungra Creek– that’s our town’s water supply! The Maximum Speed Limit within the Grounds is 10 kph. Beware at all times pedestrians, children and animals have the right of way at all times.

11. TOILETS & SHOWER FACILITIES: All children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult. All children under 16 must be supervised at all times. Parents and Guardians are totally responsible for all the actions and safety of the children in their care. Access to stage area prohibited except during use authorised by the Management Committee.

12. CHEMICAL TOILETS: Chemical toilets or porta-potties are to be emptied at our designated facilities, not in the toilet block. As we are a privately owned community organisation there is a fee for this service if you are not a paying overnight guest.

13. RUBBISH: To be placed in bins provided. Food scraps are to be wrapped or bagged. Littering will not be tolerated. Any cleaning required by the Caretaker may be charged to you at cost, at the sole discretion of the Caretaker. Thoroughly clean your camp/caravan site before leaving.

14. FIREWOOD: Collection from trees, including fallen limbs, or the removal of vegetation within the Grounds is NOT permitted. Firewood and kindling may be purchased from the Caretaker.

15. CAMPFIRES: Campfires are not permitted anywhere except at points designated by the Caretaker. No fires to be lit during a “no fires” period notified by Fire Authorities. If in doubt, ask the Caretaker before starting a campfire. No fires at all, at any time, on the sports oval, rodeo arena, or pony club arena. In other areas, if a campfire is lit then each day and prior to your departure it must be thoroughly doused and cleaned up, including rocks tidied up for mowing safety. As the creek is not our property, do not remove rocks or any other material, fish or plants from the creek.

16. SWIMMING: Swimming in the Canungra Creek is at your own risk. Swimming in the creek during and up to 3 days after flooding rain is not recommended as bacterial levels are increased during this time and changes in creek levels and formation occur rapidly. Please be aware that the opposite side of the creek is Private Property, so please do not climb or jump off the rock face on the far side. Please respect our neighbours’ privacy.

17. BREACH: Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in the summary eviction of the offender by the Caretaker, or legal action by the management committee if so required at their sole discretion. 

Thank you for your co-operation, and please enjoy your stay. 

QUERIES: Caretaker 9AM to 5PM 

Mobile: +61 (07) 5543 5904 

EMERGENCIES: Police/Ambulance/Fire Dial: 000